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A Film Review of Brooklyn

Okay, review might be too dignified for this. But whatever.

Tony! He was so sweet and precious and that accent (Northeastern American accents are not top in my fav/admired/respected accents) is so cute on him. He was adorable in character and person.

Oh, right the movie. Sweet overall, pretty clothes, interesting perspective. I liked that look at the 1950’s; I usually think of poorer Irish immigrants coming over far earlier. I still don’t “get” New York though. After reading Albion’s Seed, I learned that it doesn’t really fit in the original American cultural landscape. Another person suggested that I might find Boston more interesting because of the history. That might be part of it. People talk of New York fashion, but I just think steel, concrete, cookie cutter and mainstream rich materialistic snobs. The poorer side and the Italian Mafia and the Irish mob and Harlem have more originality (BTW. this is all in my mind, this Southern Belle has never been that far Northeast). New York just doesn’t appeal to me. A little too much melodrama and some unnecessary disgusting scenes. I felt that overall the movie lacked something . . . salt, spice. I don’t know. Take Tony out and you have the flat story of a silly and rather selfish and spoiled girl. Eilis wasn’t good because she tried to be good, she was just sort of good because. She seemed to lack a will. And when she went back to Ireland her actions emphasize, expanded on this issue.

 I wasn’t thrilled with Eilis’ behavior back home; I can understand her wanting to stay, but flirting with that poor Jim was frivolous and cruel (as was ignoring Tony’s letters). She was only in Ireland around a month. I could understand if she had stayed a year and ignored Tony’s letters, that she might have wandered (which is wrong period, but I am talking about the understanding of it). But this just made her seem fickle. I don’t think the struggle is very well-portrayed. And she seems defensive in the scene with that gossip. And as if she was only stating herself just to show up that lady and not exactly because she could make up her own mind.

I would watch it again, though. I could get more out of it. But I think that my expectations were too high.

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