Summer Rereads

~Anne of Green Gables series
I still love 2 (Anne of Avonlea), 3 (Anne of the Island), and 7 (Rainbow Valley), best I think. 1 (Anne of Green Gables) and 4 (Anne of Windy Poplars) come next with 8 (Rilla of Ingleside) after. I think I really almost dislike 5 (Anne’s House of Dreams) and 6 (Anne of Ingleside).

~Emily of New Moon series
I actually only read about 2.5 books; I was so agonized over the last, it gets more painful the more I read it, that I decided not to finish it. I did use my book notebook to write some of my feelings.

~100 Cupboards trilogy (yes, still in love; still consider it N.D. Wilson’s best).
Read them. Don’t look them up or read the covers just read them all.

~Little Women trilogy (inspired by watching the 1934 Little Men film)
I have always like the allusions to other novels, plays, and etc. in Little Woman and was thrilled when I realized while reading Evelina that that novel had received a mention. So much bookish referencing! Anyway, I have a copy (not my favorite) which contains many footnotes regarding these allusions plus ones I missed, so I am putting together a reading list from them.* I also used my book journal for infuriated remarks over the Laurie and Amy saga. I should probably write about that at some point

~Old Fashioned Girl
I love this book, mainly because of Tom, I love Tom, and Tom and Polly’s love story.* I think it is ignominiously overlooked.

~Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom
I greatly enjoy these. They contain so many little hilarious moments, descriptions, and asides which are absolutely essential to me. And team Mac all the way.* I also think these books are overlooked to often.

~The Westing Game (I then decided to read for the first time A Tattooed Potato which is not nearly as good, IMO)
I read this years ago, and I had forgotten enough to make the reread quite fun

~North and South inspired by re-watching the mini-series (and the mini-series is on Amazon Prime) with my sisters. I think I enjoyed the book the most this time around! What a love scene at the end. I absolutely love the faltering intensity.

I will have more to say on these subjects.

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