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Little Men (1934)

I love Nat and Dan, especially Dan, and since this film focused on these two characters and portrayed them well, I really enjoyed it, despite inaccuracies elsewhere.  I do not expect anything other than stylized acting in early films, and that is what all these actors provided. The film was quite short, and the novel Little Men takes place over several years, so naturally this film could not capture everything and what it did felt rushed, but as I mentioned before, the film developed certain characters well and the spirit of the movie matched the book except in one significant particular.
Professor Bhaer was AWFUL. For one thing, the age difference is noticeable (exaggerated?), and he is creepy. And he is not large in heart and mercy as he was in the book, he is not even just. The film accurately portrays Nat’s punishment for lying, but this is totally out of character with the film’s overall depiction of the professor.

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