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Blogtember Challenge: The Biggest Adventure I’ve Been On in My Life

I am linking up here. I just went on my biggest adventure this year. My mom, four sisters and I (we actually didn’t fight too much, lol) spent two weeks road-tripping across the West and Midwest to San Diego and back. This was a flyby trip except San Diego, we stayed a couple days there.

I could go back to all those places, but I especially would like to go back to San Diego and Albuquerque and to see more of Colorado than the mountains from the road! I have seen the Atlantic (only once in my memory, Jekyll Island; if I visited when tiny I don’t remember it), the Gulf multiple times, and the Pacific twice (the first time was the San Francisco Bay area . . . in January), and the beaches and water in San Diego are the most beautiful that I have seen; I enjoyed the water too even though it was May, and the curving waves that came at different curves and angles were quite interesting.

Here are my posts, the middle ones are more photo heavy.

Part 1 Oklahoma
Part 2 Texas
Part 3 New Mexico
Part 4 Grand Canyon
Part 5 San Diego
Part 6 San Diego Zoo Part 1
Part 7 San Diego Zoo Part 2
Part 8 Last of San Diego
Part 9 Utah
Part 10 Colorado and Kansas

And I was able to buy some goodies (NOT touristy things either)
Travel Treasures

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