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A Few More “Silver Screen” Movies

I had a brief period of Amazon Prime in the summer, so I watched some old films from my list.
A Penny Serenade (1941)
Boring, especially for the length.
His Girl Friday (1940)
-Both leading characters were hysterical . . . and that poor goof of a fiancé
-I felt that the ending failed miserably-as a romance anyway-I guess if you looked at the film as purely comedy (I didn’t . . . maybe I was supposed to?), the ending was funny.
-This is the role that I like to watch Cary Grant portray. Rom-com. Not pure romance as in Penny Serenade. He is not my favorite (and Bogart falls lower than him, horrors) old Hollywood leading man even if he was supposedly the most popular. I prefer real Americans (jk, sort of).
The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952)
-I did not love this film, but Gregory Peck was in it so that covers a multitude of boring aspects.
-I believe that I read the short story, and this considerably changed the tone making Peck’s character much nicer than the story character; he doesn’t strike me as a villain, but his wife was a whiny, selfish, insecure, cowardly, childish weakling. I did not find him at fault in that situation or not much. But her! She is awful (but she did feel some guilt). Still, I love that he wanted to her back; I loved his faithfulness.
-And that ludicrous old Hollywood happy ending. Total opposite of the book.

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