2016 Anne of Green Gables Challenge: Rilla of Ingleside

Here is the last post for the Anne of Green Gables reading challenge: Rilla of Ingleside. The questions are here.

What do you think of Rilla? Is she like her parents? How is she different?
Rilla is much more selfish and shallow than both of her parents. She does grow considerably though I still don’t find her super-likable although I can probably relate more to her.

After returning to Ingleside, Jem tells Rilla that Walter wasn’t scared at the front. Even though Walter was sickened by the thought of war, Jem said that he turned out to be a courageous hero. Why do you think that was? Anticipating a situation and actually being in the moment can be totally different experiences and sometimes bring out surprising reactions. Can you remember a time when this has happened to you? 
I frequently dread things, and sometimes that dread is justifiable, sometimes proper planning does away with it, sometimes it makes the situation worse, and sometimes it turns out to be a waste of energy. Walter, like his father said, had an active imagination. He knew far more of what is would really be like than Jem and Jerry (although that would not have stopped them). But he possessed moral courage in the actual face of wrong-doing and duty.

There wasn’t much to Rilla’s relationship with Kenneth Ford in terms of time spent together. How do we know that their relationship is going to last?
Well, Rilla has been in love with Ken since she was little, and she waited for him. Ken is quite honorable, he wasn’t just playing at being in love with a much younger girl.


  • Hamlette

    Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't reeeeeeeally like Rilla! I have so many blogging friends who love this book and love Rilla, and I just don't care for her (or the book) all that much.

  • Livia Rachelle

    I like her better towards the end, but I find her so much more selfish than any of L.M. Montgomery's other main characters (and especially jarring is the comparison of her to the rest of her family and the Merediths . . . could be youngest of many syndrome though, lol), and so many other bloggers seem to like this book as one of the best of the series.

  • Hamlette

    Yeah, I mostly marked that up to her being the baby and very spoiled.

    I think the book is very strong, and a great portrait of the Canadian home front during WWI, but it doesn't really feel like it's part of this series.

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