Katniss Cowl

Well, I finally finished my sister’s cowl that I promised like a year or so ago.  I left out the triangle piece because it did not fit after I sewed the rest of it together. When I showed my mom my accessory and the original, she liked mine better, but I am not super thrilled with it. Of course maybe it will fit my sister better than me. And rustic has never been my look anyway.

I found photos of the back of the original as well.

Here is an article regarding the original which costumers hand wove rather than knit.

I used tutorials/patterns including this, this, and this for the top cording. I am left-handed, so I found this part somewhat difficult. I did only two rows rather than three and mine ended up too short in length. I should have done that part last.

I used a couple tutorials for herringbone, and here is one (for this stitch I needed some videos).

This is the pattern I used for the body. I think I did a little extra on the top piece and I decreased two stitches every knit row (slip 3, rather than the usual 2, knit decrease and leave one on left needle as before) for the second piece.

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