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I am linking up here again.
I usually have several books going, but I do not always read them at the same pace or evenly split my time between them. Recently, I have given the same attention for this stack although I will probably speed up the Patricia St. John book (Rainbow Garden; you can barely see the book). I am re-reading Jane Eyre  for this read-along which is averaging about 2 chapters a week. I need to speed up my reading of Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America, a 900 pages (not counting end extras) historical scholarly monograph about early America, because it is a library book.

I have finished all the knitting on my sister’s Katniss Cowl, and the pieces are drying on my blocking boards. I will have more details about the patterns and tutorials that I used once I am finished. That bit of fluff I am currently knitting is another Holden Shawl.


  1. Hello Livia! Saw your comment on Rissi's site under her 'Nancy Drew' post – so I thought I would stop by your site to say hello!

    Your site "Rose Petals and Faerie Dust" is lovely!!! I, too, have enjoyed a good book or two (okay, maybe more like 100s!) over the years and Jane Eyre is such a deep, intriguing tale. Isn't is fascinating when you re-read a story, how you catch little things you definitely did not see/read the first time around!

    God's Blessings and Happy Reading!!! Net


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