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U.S. Southwest Survey Vacation: San Diego Zoo Part 1

We arrived in the cold and rain and bought rain ponchos and hopped on a bus tour. Soon after the tour ended, weather changed for the better, and we walked around the zoo and took the shuttle bus for most of the day. So many animals were quite active, and we saw quite a few baby animals. I did not, unfortunately, get good panda photos; Mama Panda was quite stressed and was pacing, and the other panda was not out in his cage.
My favorites; the little girls said we saw these three times. I do not care. I want a baby meerkat; they are so furry and tiny I wanna die!

These otters put on quite a show playing with each other.

Purple is one of my favorite colors, and we say these gorgeous trees all over San Diego (apparently Mr. Tortoise considers the flowers a delicacy).

The koalas slept all bunched up like that for most of the time, but we saw two briefly snuggling/grooming. 

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