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New to Me Movies: The Mockingjay Part 2 and The Man from UNCLE

The Mockingjay Part 2
I cannot really remember what even happened it part 1. This one at least I might remember, but I certainly did not find it particularly interesting. As far as I can remember it followed the convoluted absurdity of the books while touching even less on Katniss and Peeta than the book

The Man from UNCLE
I cannot see how this received a lower rating than the above. I understand the plot hardly enthralled viewers with its intricacies, but the personality in the story was epic. The above film hardly had much of a plot; the so called plot twists in the story-line seemed more like indecisiveness on the part of the author and playing on Katniss’s waffling between some wavering of ghosts of conscience and her selfishness.

Anyway. I loved The Man from UNCLE which really means that I love Illya. The whole 60’s feel was cool. I feel like the filmmakers left an opening for a sequel which would be awesome.

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