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Best Movie, Mini-series, Etc. Kisses

One of my sisters was talking about this recently. I think it might have been brought up at bridal shower she attended or something.

As soon as anyone asked me about favorites, especially movie related, I forget everything. Oh. movies, I have watched some of those, I think. So I Googled best movie kisses.
It is much easier to find the worst. Persuasion 2008. My sisters were timing how long it took them to kiss. We get a long and awkward view of Anne’s open mouth; are you swimming and coming up for air? Captain Wentworth is cut out of most of the shot, and he is just staring at her; it is like he is so tall and is just looking at her trying to reach to kiss him. Just kiss her and spare us the view of her shame.
And yet, some people put that glorious moment of awkwardness and bad filming (seriously the cinematographer must have been high or something for much of that movie) in Youtube clips of best movie kisses.
As far as period dramas go, I like Fanny and Edmund’s kiss in Mansfield Park 2008 and Emma and Mr. Knightly in the Kate Beckinsale and Mark Strong version (I will forever love him all you fans of Mr. Pea-eyed Jeremy ’80’s Hair Spineless Northam, but I like Jonny Lee Miller).  
Other movies. I think the Mia and Lord Nicholas epic flower pond kiss is pretty great. But the one between her and Michael was so sweet.
So are Elizabeth and all the leading men kisses in Pirates. How lucky was Kiera Knightly to kiss all those guys! I think I still favor Norrington over Will. First love.

Ever After. I love their first kiss scene and everything. My, I love that Henry.

In According to Greta which is a ridiculous movie, but when he is mad at her but he still lets out that he thinks she is pretty, and she says, “You want to kiss me!” and he says “***, yeah,” and then they go to some rough place and kiss for forever. Oh, and I do not recommend the movie, your own risk ya know, she tries to get him to sleep with her to fulfill a goal, and he says no.

Disney and Disney-esque really does great kissing moments. And by great, I mean hilarious. Sonny and Chad anyone? Best Disney couple ever.

Josh and Mindy have some epic moments. When Drake has to hold him up to the window, Josh kisses Mindy and then they all fall. Their “we are still broken up right?” kiss.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Emma Approved, and Kissing in the Rain have awesome kiss scenes. I am not sure I can pick a favorite out of all those in the first two although Martin and Harriet’s is the sweetest. I just love the one on Kissing in the Rain: Mary and George after the “Cut,” and they are still kissing and then there are like, “Ah, um bye.”. EEEE! I just love that first half of the series.

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  • Erudessa Aranduriel

    I haven't seen the 2008 Persuasion, but from what I know of it, I don't think I'll like it.

    THE 2009 EMMA!!! I have seen Johnny Lee Miller and Jeremy Northam's versions of Knightley and I agree with you. Compared to JLM, JN is PATHETIC!!!! And I don't like the name Jeremy.

    Ever After. I really need to watch the whole thing! But I think I saw their first kiss. It was when they were with the bandits, right?

    Yes. Harriet & Martin's kiss is adorable!! I really wish that they would have given us a Frank & Jane kiss.

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