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I was tagged here. I am sorry, but as usual with tags, I am terribly late and am not tagging anyone.

Blog that makes me laugh

Blog that makes me think

Blog that teaches me things

Blog with beautiful header(s)

Blogger who takes great pictures
For me it is important to have good stories with good photos and this blog has that. The blogger does not blog regularly anymore, but I would recommend going through the archives (I like doing that when I find new blogs I like).

Blogger whose recommendations I trust
I have tried make-up, Cowgirl Dirt, after hearing about it on this blog:
I have tried books from various blogs including
I appreciate reviews on this blog:
There are many more I am sure.
I have been inspired by so many blogs. I think that is the best purpose for blogs to share lovely crafts, fashions, books, and such and inspire others to pursue them also.

New blog I’m enjoying
This is not new nor quite new to me, but I recently went through the archives after previously bookmarking/noting it and then ignoring it.

Blog I’ve followed the longest
This blogger has not blogged regularly in years. I read Stacy McDonald’s book Raising Maidens of Virtue and found her daughters’ blogs via her site. I found other blogs through those blogs, and that is what started all my blog reading. I am more hit and miss at finding blogs now, and it seems that the bloggers are mostly quite a bit younger than me or at least that it is easier to find those bloggers; I still find some of their blogs well-written and thought provoking and so follow them, but I would like to find more grown-up bloggers who know how to balance adult lives and their blogs, to replace the ones that quit.
Blog I’ve started following the most recently
I am not certain if this is the most recent, but is one of the most recent.

Blog that is always a refreshing happiness

Blog where I revel in the words
I am wary of people and bloggers who place undue emphasis on word-craft. Usually, I find rather more to dislike. But I like photos and stories, so I like this blog even though it isn’t what immature bloggers consider well-written (and I consider frothy, flowery, and questionable).

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