Favorite Authors Revisited: Rosemary Sutcliffe

I recently finished with the final two books of  The Eagle of the Ninth “series” that I had not read: Dawn Wind and Frontier Wolf. 

I mentioned to some people, during a discussion about The Eagle film, about how I did not think that The Eagle of the Ninth makes for a good movie (that film was not well made period, though). I think that holds true for all of the books. The stories are not merely plots, and all the intensity and detail is the words, so many emotions and details are underlying and implied in the stories. There is no melodrama, but the intensity will tear your heart out.

Here is the series in chronological order. By series I mean it traces Marcus’ direct line down through the generations via his ring. There are enough generations between books, so there no memories just the ties barely hinted at which and this makes these books all the more interesting.

The Eagle of the Ninth
The Silver Branch
Frontier Wolf
The Lantern Bearers
Dawn Wind
Sword Song 
The Shield Ring

Stand alone books that I have read include: Outcast, Warrior Scarlet, The Mark of the Horse Lord, and The Shining Company. Ones that have content/graphic inappropriateness include: Sword at Sunset (this is considered a crossover book between Eagle and Arthurian Legend series, but since this barely says anything much of Aquila and Flavian and focuses more on Artos, a skip for content is fine story wise; it does not fit the pattern of the other books which make Marcus’ family the central story) and Blood and Sand. I would just make certain the novels are for children not adults and you should be okay. I like to use Wikipedia.

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