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Childhood Fandoms Part 1


Hans Brinker. My grandfather started reading the book to us, and we were supposed to finish it first, but that did not happen. We watched an old 60’s movie. I adored it. And Hans.

Heidi. I watched the 80’s version over and over. What are known as milkmaid braids were Heidi braids to us. We would re-enact on the slide, sometimes wearing a pair of boots we thought were somewhat similar to Klara’s in the movie, the dramatic scene in which Klara has drag her legs with her hands into place to help Peter rescue Heidi.

Lion King. I am sitting on my bed typing this with my Simba blanket of nearly two decades. We had Simba and Nala stuffed animals and a puzzle. When I was a wee thing, this was the most watched movie.

So Dear to My Heart. I checked this movie out so many times from our old church library. All I remember is that is was about a boy and his sheep and they found cow remains in the forest (the explanation for that memory is my extreme phobia of bones) and heard wolves/coyotes howling.

Pocahontas. I think this and Cinderella are the Disney princess movies I watched the most when I was very small. I had a Pocahontas costume too. I really need to watch this again as I have not seen it in over a decade. I feel like I found this more interesting than Cinderella, but maybe I am wrong.

I think we watched Jungle Book fairly often too. I remember watching Thumbelina for the first time. And I may have watched Swan Princess when I was little, but I only remember watching it when I was older, like preteen. I know I watched more movies, mainly if not all Disney, but the first four movies listed are with what I obsessed.

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