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Hallmark Mini-Reviews Top Favorites

Christmas Card
My grandmother taped this and we watched this almost ten years ago, and have watched it excessively regularly since. Cody is so handsome and sweet and he’s military (I was still obsessed with military men when we first saw that). Faith has cute, quirky personality. Faith’s parents are cute, and her dad and uncle are hilarious, her uncle is particularly wonderful. I love details and personable side characters (the uncle in The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, which we also own, is excellent trouble too). It does have a few of what we call “Hallmark moments” (the most extremely improbable dramatic romantic moments).

Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade
I, according to Mom, am Emily with her drama, opinions, and quirky retro style. Obviously, she is nicer than me. Her quirkiness is funny rather than polarizing. Henry is charming, witty, and oh, so handsome. And they clash instantly, hilariously rather than harshly, I think. There are just a lot of little cute/funny scenes and moments.

Love by the Book
Another quirky/old-fashioned personality, this one with really unrealistic romantic expectations born of books (again, my family said, I am her). Some rather more ideology than personality clashing, particularly over a hilariously stereotypical romantic boyfriend. We always point out how ridiculous and unattractive the first boyfriends are compared to the true loves. And the sister’s love story is cute. I always love the details like a friend or sister finding her man too.

All of My Heart
This one is similar to Love at the Thanksgiving Day parade about personalities clashing and little cute/funny scenes. Brian’s transformation from city slicker to handyman makes for quite a bit of the humor in this movie, and his good-natured sarcasm lends personality.

The first three at least are Hall of Fame’s for my family, but I know I personally would also include All of My Heart. We own all these except Love by the Book because we could not find it on DVD; I find that tragic.

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