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Belated Valentine’s Post

This Studio C video is just awesome. I haven’t been overwhelmed by a lot of their recent videos (actually, most of the videos are misses or meh for me, but the ones that are good, are REALLY good). This one is worth treasuring up and savoring.
Also, I love songs that have a pleasant connotation for me, even if it is a silly one. Someone posted a popular cover of Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” I recognized the song although I did not know from where and hadn’t known it was an Elvis song, what the title was, or anything. When I looked up more covers, the ad on one cover video ended up being the very place I had first heard the song. I just love the ad; it is so cute and the song is so perfect for it.

I also love “Moonlight Sonata” because of that scene in Persuasion (I do not know that I had even heard it before that and “Turkish March” at least partially because of Pride and Prejudice (I know I had heard that before though).

I forgot to ask my grandparents to record all the Hallmark Valentine movies that played back-to-back Sunday, but we did watch a Hallmark on Saturday. Also, I got chocolate from my mom and my piano teacher (I am back to piano lessons after a break of close to a decade). Of which I still have some left since I am trying to use Fitness Pal to lose weight.

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