Some 2016 Reading Challenges

I started some reading challenges in the middle of last year . . . and have not finished them. I want to try to finish them this month. I will note which books I read after the deadline.

I was not super crazy about the categories on my 2016 challenges, so I created a less restrictive, but more serious fiction challenge. Also, I tried to set a more challenging goal for nonfiction. I am aiming at one new-to-me book per category unless noted otherwise. I set the books in the non-fiction to be two a month which I feel is completely reasonable . . . as long as I do not get behind.

Fiction Challenge 2016

1. 4 more weighty Continental European canon classics
2. A book in its original language
3. A book 1000 years old
4. 2 award-winning books
5. Two (new) local authors
6. More of first read local
7. Regional author(s)
8. Southern U.S.
9. African-American
10. Native American
11. General U.S. authors
12. South American
13. Canadian
14. Asian
15. Continental European
16. 5 poets
17. 2 playwrights
18. Science Fiction
19. Westerns
20. 2 modern

Non-Fictions Reading Challenge Categories for 2016

1. A scholarly monograph on a subject of history
2. A scholarly monograph on a subject of US history
3. A general history (non-European and non-US)
4. Collection of firsthand accounts
5. Biography or autobiography/memoir
6. Biography or autobiography/memoir
7. Relationships/personality/psychology
8. Epidemiology/history of medicine
9. A book about religion/theology
10. Church history
11. Personal growth/Bible study type book
12. Creationism
13. Apologetics/worldview
14. Critical thinking/formal logic
15. Ethics/current events
16. World cultures, manners, differences
17. Geography
18. Travel
19. Art (participatory read)
20. Music (participatory read)
21. Photography (participatory read)
22. Foodie book (participatory read)
23. Historical fashion (if small, read several)
24. Manners/etiquette
25. 20 scholarly journal articles on subjects of history
26. Any extras

Also, I want to work on my Classics Club list and indulge in some re-reads (I want to try to participate in this although not really as a challenge because I do not want re-reading to be a huge percentage of my reading). I also would like to participate in the Anne reading challenge because I have been meaning to re-read that series for a while. I also might participate in the Jane Eyre read along because although I re-read it last year, after I watched the movies I felt like I needed to study it more.

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