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Definitely the cutest of the recent spate of animated movies. I want to own this one.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
I did not think this lived up to the other three . . . and not just because Will and Norrington were not there. I felt Jack was not quite his usual, clever, witty self, and he usually fell in the shade of the less interesting characters (everyone else). Nevertheless, I am still greatly looking forward to the next installment of Pirates.

Inside Out
Well, it looked cute but it was faaar sadder than I realized. I was almost crying almost right from the start. The characters were EXCELLENT though, and we like to talk about which of us correspond to which characters (one sister was deemed Bing Bong and another Sadness, not really because of the emotion but because of the character’s personality, yes that makes sense). I think I would watch it again now that I am more used to it; it is the details, not the plot, that make this movie. For example we greatly enjoyed the preteen boy’s reaction to Riley handing him his water bottle.

The Mockingjay Part 1
The Saturday after Christmas a couple of my sisters and I had a Hunger Games marathon (Dad joined us for the last one) which included a lot of adoring Peeta commentary and enjoyment of Gale’s looks (lets be real, his sole purposes are to be eye candy and provide a little love triangle drama). I really want to see part two now. I do not have much to say about part one beyond how well-done the portrayal of crazy, tortured Peeta was. Right now, Catching Fire is still my favorite.

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