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Hallmark Holiday Movies

So, we started rating our Hallmark movies favorites (probably kind of started because we rate the guys :/). I decide I wanted to rate them myself. So I put them in an Excel chart like a dork.

Also, some horrible ones thrown in for comparison, and to vent outrage. And, some of these are not Christmas or even holiday, but they fit in with the holiday spirit. When I update, I will probably only include more favorites.

Movie Rating
The Christmas Card 9
Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade 9
A Season for Miracles 8
Window Wonderland 8
Half My Heart 8
Love by the Book 8
Hitched for the Holidays 7.5
Let it Snow 7.5
The Best Christmas Party Ever 7
The Thanksgiving House 7
Fir Crazy 7
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 7
The Nine Lives of Christmas 7
Call Me Mrs. Miracle 6.75
Naughty or Nice 6.5
The Three Gifts 6.5
Christmas Under Wraps 6.5
Snow Bride 6.5
Tis the Season for Love 6
A Bride for Christmas 6
Matchmaker Santa 6
Trading Christmas 6
Royal Christmas 5
A Princess for Christmas 0
One Starry Christmas 0

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