Vogue Knitting

I remember years ago picking up a Vogue Knitting Magazine and seeing two lace items which I adored (this was when I only dreamed of knitting lace). I finally tracked down the issue and ordered it and a few others (one can see some of the patterns in each issue on Ravelry to determine if one wants them . . . ). There were even more patterns that I liked than I expected. YES!

I normally am not super thrilled with knitting magazines and even a lot of pattern books, but Vogue Knitting has intermediate to advanced patterns with unique styles rather than the majorly simplistic styles in some of the magazines. Put “Vogue” in the name and voilĂ , professionalism . . . Vogue sewing patterns are the best modern patterns in U.S (please, someone make ALL Marfy patterns more easily available to us in the U.S.!).

Fall 2012, Fall 2010 (the one with the adored lace garments), and Early Fall 2012, respectively. 

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