Mini Book Review Collection 1

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Here is my rambling, incoherent Goodreads review: Hmm. I think the historical fiction aspect well-written; I mean it could conceivably have been written at least in Dickens’ time if not perhaps in the actual time. The fairy and later magic felt authentic/similar to other fairy fiction and what little study I have done of Celtic mythology/fairytales. But I disliked the earlier Black Magic, as differing from fairy and mythology type actions which is disturbing in a distinct, violent way. I also felt that for the slower, calmer pace at the beginning and the overall, the end was discordantly fast and dramatic. I understand the change in part to go with the story, but it was too much, too fast for good artistry. I also felt that many complexities in many characters were hinted at but not developed/delivered. Also, I disliked the ending. It was too weak to cause hate but rather contempt. I enjoyed it while I read it until the end. I think 2.5 perhaps. Not worth a reread, I do not think, just perhaps a skimming.

Cute, but more notable to me because the author’s mention prodded me to try add some E. Nesbit books to my library stack.

The Red House Mystery
Not brilliant but fun and less ridiculous than Christie. I must have a thing for grey-eyed, 30-something, fastidious upper-class detectives. I picked this from this list of mysteries.

A Long Walk to Water
A tough subject, and new to me so enlightening. Overly simplistic and not artistically managed. Picked for my best-seller book on my 2015 book challenge.

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