Classics Club Update

I am going to be changing a few aspects of my Classics Club participation. I originally chose to participate in an effort to gain blog readers, but I doubt that I garnered many, if any this way. I have myself not found (or really even tried to find) any blogs this way.

I find the process of marking date read, reviewing, sending in the review, and linking the review to my posted list rather tedious. I already keep track of date read via Goodreads and blog readers can simply Google my reviews or look under my book labels. I also do not want to feel forced to write a review, particularly if I forget about it until months after reading the book,. All this to say, I am not going to follow Classic Club procedure for book reviews.

I altered my list a couple times in the beginning and I am going to alter it again. I stupidly put all of the Leatherstocking tales on the list without trying a single novel seriously. I found them indescribably tedious and would prefer not to waste any more time on them. I am sick of Greek and Roman mythology, and those stories have such hideous morals, and I just do not want to read The Iliad and The Odyssey. I am going to add some replacement titles beneath my list and remove the titles that I do not want. After I finish the list I will probably remove it as a tab and make it a post without links.

I still want to read my list within the stated time frame. I do love book lists, but I prefer to be able to add and amend them.

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