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I caved and finally bought the Holden Shawl pattern. If I pay, I would prefer to pay for a more unique design (this stitch is not an original one), but I did not want to wait to get this class and figure it out myself. Oh, well.

I definitely want to try this with a lighter weight yarn and beading (a photo of such as shawl on Pinterest was my first introduction to this apparently widely popular pattern).

 I am using KnitPicks Diadem variegated; I bought it majorly on sale last fall since they were discontinuing the variegated. The color is darker and more red, but I did not feel like fooling with my camera anymore. One day I will finish that photography class. I saw some Tumblr posts on the tv/movie on Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, so I decided I would read this. Not quite what I was expecting, but interesting.

I finished my little neckerchief, but as I still have not bought blocking boards, a photo will have to wait. I have another project, a scarf, on hold as I found this shawl much more interesting and speedy to knit. I have been looking for sweaters, dresses, and yarn; I will have to see if I can make such big projects work. I already frogged a skirt. I think I want to make up the pattern myself but do not know how to figure out gauge and stitches for cables. Oh, yeah. And I have several baby projects I need to make for which I am having trouble even simply deciding on patterns and yarn. And I only have two months for some of them.

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  • WritingWillow

    Oooh, that yarn is really pretty! I'm imagining it darker as you described and I'm sure it'll turn out lovely. I've been thinking about getting Strange & Norrell from the library but I've been putting it off because I can't read and knit at once, haha.

    P.S. I love the title of your blog!

  • Jayne M

    The Holden is a lovely shawl and that yarn is gorgeous. I always have trouble choosing baby patterns as there are just so many cute patterns! Hope you find one soon. I would love to knit a dress one day. I have heaps of vintage Stitchcraft magazines with dresses knitted in fingering weight yarn – should only take a hundred years to knit one!

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