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Northanger Abbey Movie

I watched this film for the first time recently. Part (most?) of the reason it took me forever to watch was the fact that some parts needed to be skipped actually we just skipped one scene but most of the movie was filled with suggestiveness and innuendo and you cannot do much about that besides not watching any of the film.

When I read all the Jane Austen books years ago, Northanger Abbey was my least favorite because Catherine was so embarrassingly stupid, and Henry Tilney so out of her league. I also think I was in my tall-dark-melancholy-eyed-serious-humorless hero stage then too, so I did not appreciate him as he deserves.

The film. The film Catherine just seemed flighty and young; I thought the book Catherine that plus stupid, but I am due for a reread. J.J. Feild is of course awesome (but I was doing a Tom Hiddleston comparison . . . and I prefer him and his voice). Henry Tilney is of course out of Catherine’s league (and I do not mean merely because of birth). Their story was fine, but I could not watch while Catherine embarrassed herself and everyone a couple times.

Plus all the other awkwardness. Awkwardness in books is so much easier to handle than in movies, and I felt the filmmakers made awkward sections from the book even more awkward.

And as I mentioned before there was so much, SO MUCH innuendo/suggestiveness (2007 Mansfield Park is similar and this aspect impedes my enjoyment of that film). Yeah, the suggestiveness was RIDICULOUS in its amount and historical accuracy. I do not remember Isabella Thorpe being anything more than a silly flirt, but maybe I missed something. Anyway, yeah. I did not enjoy the movie and do not know if I can unless I skip a lot of it.

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