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 I won a customized locket from Origami Owl a few years ago. I knocked the back out when trying to add a too wide charm. I need to find out how to fix it.
 My ten commandment bookmark from childhood.
 Books from Hobby Lobby to make this necklace or one similar. Except I do not want all the colors together, and I want to cover the gold on some of the books with silver and perhaps add a little more detail to the books.
The book necklace I made. I have not really worn it; I think I need a longer chain. 
Resin earrings from Chicago years ago. I ended up loving them when I was hesitant at first.
 Sterling silver charms from a fun antique shop nearish us. There is always a nice pile of all sorts of random charms. The little Bible has the Lord’s Prayer in teeny-tiny print in it.
 Some jewelry from nature.
 Pewter from Williamsburg and glass beads from an art fair. 
 Another art fair gem.
I just love fairy-tale and whimsical jewelry and want to meticulously curate a collection for myself.

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  • Lizzie

    Love the locket!
    I have the same 10 Commandments bookmark! I've been wanting to try and put it back together.
    The books are a neat idea!
    What a great collection you have already!

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