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The 100 Foot Journey

I had heard about and read a little about this movie. Then my family bought it, and I thought I would get around to watching it eventually. After my sister got back from overseas, we had to catch her up on all the movies she missed (Cinderella, Despicable Me II), so she and my little sisters started watching it. I came downstairs to print something thinking I might watch it/watch some of it. I was drawn right in.

I really do not have much beyond fangirling to do. The movie was by no means grand. But it was totes preshcakes (sorry, I told you I did not have anything lucid and deep to say). The start is dramatic, France is pretty, Indian guys are handsome (‘specially if they have dimples), the main girl’s dresses are adorable and copycat-able, the Indian family is hilarious, the story is simple and sweet and flowed smoothly, and Hassan is adorable in everything. Happy? Watch it.

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