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Art Festival

I attended an art fair/festival with my grandparents one week-end recently. We went together last year also. So. much. fun. and. family time. I think we should officially make it a tradition since we all enjoy it so.

I cannot post photos of all of my purchases due to some of them being gifts (although I do not think that my sisters read my blog, but it would be my luck if they did read it and saw photos of presents!), but here are my goodies. Some of my favorite booths from previous years were not there, but I found plenty of new ones.

One day I will make an effort and post good photos, one day.

 Glass earrings
 Resin necklace. This was my favorite shop; I walked in, looked around for a few minutes, laughed and said, “I love everything!” All of it kind of looked liked colored, shimmering dewdrops.
Mosaic necklace.
Adorable little baby pottery vases. You cannot hardly tell from the “artsy” iPhone photo, but the one on the left is light green and the one on the right is soft blue.

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