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Cinderella 2015

I think gushes and squeals would pretty much describe my feelings on this movie. My mom and all the sisters at home and I all went to see it when it came out in March, and we all wanted to see it again. When my other sister gets back from overseas, I think we are going to try and watch it with her. Also, I do not want to hear a word of criticism for this movie.

I felt like the movie was a perfect blend of Ever After and the animated Disney Cinderella.

I liked how Kit and Cinderella meet before, but they still do not know one another well.

There are no really ugly “scenes” (there are many in Ever After).

I liked that Cinderella’s father realizes that he made a mistake about her step-mother.

The scene when Cinderella retorts in French is funny.

I like how the film did the mice.

I loved the part with her mother and how Cinderella always clings to her words, “Have courage and be kind.” Cinderella is such as sweet character, sweet, but without completely allowing her step-mother to rule over/beat her down (as in Ever After) or to fool/stupefy her (as in the animated version). She did stand up to her step-mother near the end, but she was not arrogant or self-righteous, and then later, she forgave her (which looks especially nice when juxtaposed against the cringe-worthy last step-mother scene in Ever After).

And the Prince.* What an absolute darling. He was sooo sweet, and I just loved the scene with his father just before his father died. He was respectful but resolute. I am glad his father was not such a bully as kings are often portrayed. I love how the Prince is clever and the Duke does not deceive him completely. That scene when he takes off his helmet! Cinderella and Kit are such a humble, sweet, yet strong pair!

I loved the leitmotif of Lavender’s Blue. I loved that the filmmakers used a folk song period, but to have it as Cinderella’s theme is wonderful. The dance of the future royal pair is marvelously choreographed and beautiful.

I want her wedding gown. Her ballgown is gorgeous and I loved the butterflies on it. The whole movie is so bright and beautiful. But I am going to have a wedding gown like hers; it is so elegant and lovely and modest, and I loved the embroidered flowers.

So much of this movie is so harmonious, peaceful, graceful. The Prince and Cinderella are so gracious. The buildings, clothing, animals, outdoors, and etc. is all so fresh and bright. The music is old-fashioned and sweet. It is literally a fairytale of a fairytale movie.

*Do not for one moment think that I still do not love spoiled, silly, darling, bratty Prince Henry. I still think he is awesome in his complete not-awesomeness.

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