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After some other bloggers mentioned libraries, I realized that I never really thought much about how all these bloggers get the books they read and realized that I rarely mention how I get the books I read. I mainly use the library; most of the books that I own I have already read and that is what I prefer generally. I want to buy books that I know I love. I do not like e-books at all. I do own some e-books (but no reader), but I really would prefer to buy the hard copy (literally, I want to try to buy hardbacks when available) of the book I want. I just think hard copies are more convenient and comfortable.

I think we have a really nice library system for our state (and said state is not high on any good charts for much of anything). I am quite pleased that working in the county has enabled me to use this system for free (we live in a rural county with a tiny library). I basically order my books online and then pick them up, and now we have self-checkout at the location I use which I think is just awesome.

Over 6 months ago I re-tried out inter-library loans. My mom used this service often when we were little. I tried it at our county library, but I think it might be too expensive for them to find the really obscure books I often want. I feel so adventurous receiving books from all across the country (literally, the first time). I ordered twice successfully, I think the full amount of three, but the third time I tried two could not be found (one did not surprise me) and one the library said it would buy . . . eventually (I should have looked at a different publication date . . . I think I will do that the next time).

I have for the last maybe two years almost constantly had piles of library books in my room. I am rarely without any library books. I have also racked up too many fines because I am not careful about renewing and returning. I am trying to do better at reading all the novels, but I also need to work on seriously looking at the nonfiction.

Our library also has links to old newspapers (I used this during college; I much preferred the city library site and system to the university one), free learning sites, e-books, audio books, e-music, free computer classes, movies (we just borrowed The Music Man; more on this in another post) and etc. I really need to utilize this resource better. Oh, and as of right now I have over 30 books out; I am nuts. But some of them are knitting and such, so there!

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