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Homemaking Binder

This is the pink version of my recipe binder, and I have made it my homemaking binder.

The content is varied; the first photo is an example of some notes from our church’s Titus 2 studies while the second photo contains information linked on Pinterest. I will probably want several different binders. One for planning/cleaning/ meal lists, one for kids/medical, one for travel, etc.

But right now I am trying to compile useful information into one homemaking binder. Information about topics like food storage, future family information, moving ideas. I deleted Pins and boards and emails to myself of links after I put the information in this binder. I want to condense and sort through information, so that when I have my own home and family, I will have a point of reference. Obviously, anything medical related will need to be updated, but I think it is good to start with some kind of knowledge, some habits of preparation.

I have not worked on it much recently, and I need to work on it in a more serious manner and use more professional books and websites, but I need more pretty paper and pens first! And practice of elegant penmanship.

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