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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Twelve

Future Christmas Traditions

I am considering what I want to do when I have my own family. I know that I do not like rushing to start Christmas right after Thanksgiving and then immediately taking the tree right down. I just read a book on Christmas in Switzerland, and some Christmas celebrations started early in December. I think early to mid-December and then until January 5/6 (end of the Twelve Days of Christmas) is ideal for me, but I might let the decorations linger until mid-January. I remember a family saying something about letting the kids unwrap a gift every day for a couple of days. I like that tradition.

I want to do some sort of Advent Calendar for certain. I might want to do a King Cake. I remember a book from the library (I wish Mom kept lists for us because I have several books I wish I could find but only have memory of the contents not the titles or authors or illustrators; note to self, do that for my children) describing a cake decorated with marzipan holly leaves and berries that had a bean in it one side and a pea on the other for king and queen (or something like that) . Here is a reference; the Swiss book and Wikipedia (do not cringe) only mention a King. I thought it was for New Year’s but apparently it is for Twelfth Night. A Shakespeare reading would be fitting since Twelfth Night was apparently written for this night.

While I am still at home with my parents I want to have my own mini tree. I thought about buying one, but I wonder if you can buy tiny real trees. I think I want a real tree with my own family. I will use silver and white so as not to clash with my room. I want to study up on Christmas traditions, stories, movies, and music.

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