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New Year’s

So, usually our family has a New Year’s Eve celebration, but this year we had a New Year’s Day celebration due to people seeing crazy drivers last year and the holiday eve falling on a Wednesday (prayer meeting) night.

I prefer this because people do not stay too late. I still found it quite loud and only came down later (we told people to come waaaaay too early even though we still had to prepare, so I was super not in the mood especially as I had stayed up until midnight . . . as required, of course).

Dad always makes Alton Brown’s yeast doughnut recipe and then we also had pork (cringe) and a few side dishes. I think we need more options next time. I think the doughnuts disappeared faster this year.

I played Ticket to Ride which I love although I never win (except my beginner’s luck a few months ago). I find it so much fun to plan and lay out tracks. I also sort of played/watched people play Settlers of Catan which is somewhat similar although it does not seem quite as fun.

I also tried my hand at a few rounds of Trivia Crack plus a few minutes of a board game similar to it. I think it is stupid. I am decently smart but do not know loads of facts, and I think this is one of those games that people think require intelligence but really require knowledge (NOT the same thing at all). I could memorize facts but that would be a complete waste of time, and I probably know plenty of more random ones myself. The choices in Trivia Crack were quite silly. I know this sounds bitter, but I really think it is worthless and easy and simply to make people feel smart which, as one of my sisters remarked, is why it is so popular. The Merriam Webster vocabulary and spelling games are much more interesting (and I do MUCH better on them . . . coincidentally).

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  • Lizzie

    Oh, I really like Settlers of Catan! We have the Cities and Knights expansion, which makes it even more complicated and fun. We always take it with us on vacation, and we usually play it at our New Year's party, although we didn't this year… a Mancala tournament occurred instead!

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