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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Two

Yes, I know I did not post for day one, and I realized that I am actually posting on day three, but I think Christmas is an excellent substitute for a post about Christmas, and I started this post on day two.

Here is some of our Christmas decor:

This was earlier this month. Sugarplum (I named her several Christmases ago when we received her as a little scared, scrawny kitty who, as she walked, stretched her little neck out to look around for danger) has been rather stressed over the recent months as our newer, much younger cat, Mumford (he was already named when we got him) loves to annoy her, and she often roamed the house trying to find a place to sleep. This particular day my sisters were cleaning, so she had extra stress and decided to try the tree as a place to sleep. She was seriously trying to camp out there. When we first got her she climbed the tree as a curious kitten munchkin, but this time she wanted to actually sleep in it. I think she may have lasted in there a short while (15”?).
We invited a visiting family over to our house either last year or earlier this year, and they sent us these fabric decorations with their thank-you note. My sister used them thus, and I really liked the effect even though my usual taste is rather more elegant.

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