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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Three


I took several blurry photos before I got this one. She wanted to wait  by the door which leads to the cats AND she just kept purposely turning her face away. Finally I carried her to a chair and took this picture, and she is still looking at her precious door.

A early Christmas present to one of my sisters. We had a dog die last year and a dog die a several weeks ago. Despite the fact that they were not special family spoiled dogs, my sister mentioned soon after the most recent death that she wanted a puppy. Then she became more persistent Monday the 15th, and she insisted she could take care of one, and that the older family members would not actually be the ones doing the work. I thought Dad would let her get one eventually. I came home that night to this midget sleeping on Mom’s bed. Yes. wow. The humane society had her listed as a Chihuahua and terrier mix, but we think because of her sausage shape and short legs and coloring that she has Dachshund too. My sister named her Holly. So now we have two Christmas animals.
Another early Christmas present was The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies to which we got Dad to take us as a family that week like we did last year (except last year it was on Christmas Eve).
I did not think yesterday to show a photo of our Advent calendar.
 We have used this since I was little although now just the three youngest put up the ornaments. Although my brother was trying to put one up, saying my sister slept in too late, to annoy my little sisters.

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