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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Six

Christmas day gifts to me

Mom and Dad gave me two sweaters, two belts, a vintage lifestyle book, one piece pajamas (my Eeyore sister got one complete with ears, another had a bum opening with a frog on it, another had puppy dog one, and the other one had a grey one with white design, rather Eskimo looking when she put the hood on, and Dad got Grinch pajama pants), three pairs of tights (one has little silver bows printed on it), two necklaces, chocolate, and a Hobby Lobby gift card. Yeah, a lot. Oh, and we all got bananas. The outfit is the combination of gifts I wore to my grandparents house in the afternoon.

One sister gave me fabric from the other country where she has been volunteer teaching, and one gave me Princess Diaries: A Royal Engagement . . . simply because of Chris Pine.

My brother gave all of us girls and his fiancée heart necklaces. Mine is purple and silver, sister one is gold and green (“Loki colors,” she instantly said), sister two has gold and purple, sister three has silver and blue, and sister four has gold and red (“Gryffindor colors” they proclaimed; see, so much awesome bookishness!). His fiancée received silver and red which is perfect both for her taste and their relationship.

My brother also bought my sisters’ the game Life. Several more movies were received (Mulan, Maleficent, The Hurt Locker, Hercules, Spirit). We have had lots of game playing and movie watching over the last few days.

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