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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Four

Christmas Eve

I woke up at 6 am and spent most of my day knitting on the baby sweater. I could not finish and have still not finished. I had a few other tasks to do before our Christmas Eve party including making truffles.

1 lb. bittersweet chocolate and 1 lb. semisweet chocolate chopped into small pieces. 2 cups of heavy cream heated until just about to boil and poured into chocolate through strainer. 1.5 teaspoons of vanilla. Might need to microwave just a tiny bit to melt the last few pieces if you did not cut your pieces small enough to melt easily. Stir until smooth and put in refrigerator until firm and then roll in balls and roll in cocoa. Yum.

 One of my younger sisters curled my hair with a curling wand, and the curls lasted three days until I had to wash my hair. I took these photos after I came home. I love this less than $3 silk scarf from Clothes Mentor; I can tie it so many ways, but this braid is my favorite and probably my best looking braid yet. You cannot see from the photo, but my tights are sparkly.

The big photo is my collection of gifts. I received a wrap from my secret Santa plus that darling little ornament. From our five dollar gift exchange (new this year) I got those velvet covered hangers. The clutch was my contribution to the $5 gift exchanged, and the collection of jewelry and sparkly scarf was my gift for the secret Santa part. I was quite thrilled with my bargain shopping and had had my eye on that necklace even before we drew names. I switched names with Mom, so I could use my Clothes Mentor discount and buy it.

And then when we got home I had to wrap all my presents for Christmas morning which took me until about midnight.

P.S. Holly, who incidentally, fits in a Christmas stocking (this fact is courtesy of my brother and a family friend who put her in one last Sunday) got to come to Christmas Eve with us and sat/slept in people’s laps the whole time.

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