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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Five

Christmas day gifts from me

I gave

~Dad: Ticket to Ride (Dad is hard to buy for and since he really likes this game, he will be getting the European and Asian versions for future presents)

~Mom: a Martin Lloyd-Jones book, sweater, and juice glasses

~Sister one: a dress, this awesome necklace* (I wanted to get all the girls HP necklaces, but budget/I can do this myself won out, and one of my sisters ended up getting a time turner necklace from a friend although I still want to make her a Marauder’s Map one), a hardcover copy of The Book Thief (still need to buy myself one!), and the pretty colored jewelry pliers

~My brother: grey pants, a tie (isn’t it lovely?!), the red jewelry making tools (he has made his now fiancée several pieces of jewelry with my pliers and my sister’s wire; Mom bought him wire)

~Sister two the grey earrings, striped scarf and Fearless piano music (I got her Red and Speak Now for her birthday)

~Sister 3 Tinker Bell earrings*, the blue earrings, and a pastel art set. sister four a drawing and a watercolor art set

~The little girls together got two Adventures in Odyssey and several movies (although I did not realize I ended up getting them two copies of the second Swan Princess instead of two and three) and each a Disney fairies folder.

~The clutches are for my brother’s fiancée. Clothes Mentor has a lovely collection of clutches. I bought five at one time and then another later and all but one for gifts, and I think I want to buy more for gifts. I considered them because of the fact that for a recent wedding I felt my lack (more on the topic in an upcoming fashion post).

I had a more reasonable budget for my income than last year and still got lots of lovely gifts, I thought. I like to like the gifts I am giving as well as think that the receivers like them. I do want to be better at trying to buy gifts as I see them through the year and saving, so I can spend during sale seasons for myself and upcoming Christmases and birthdays.

* I love nerdy/artsy/bookish jewelry, particularly in necklace form. I want to build my own collection too.

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