Random Reading Rambling

The One
Oh, I could say so much of this book and its hypocritical, double-sided, inconsistent, self-righteous, weak-minded heroine, but I will refrain and merely point out that despite the absurdity during her wedding, this book is not as bad as The Elite if only because The Elite dashed all reasonable expectations and made everything so bad that everything had to get better. I will never get over my disappointment in this series, but apparently I will never stop reading them as I learned here about the next book. And the cover designs are just so lovely . . . that is a/the main reason I picked up The Selection. The dresses are so elegant, the overall cover design unique but not looking as if the designer was trying too hard to be unique.

The Talisman Ring
This is my first Georgette Heyer novel. It is quite silly but also quite funny thus far. I am good about picky cotton candy books to read . . .

The Unwanteds
The very broad concept is good, the writing quality is appalling. Middle grade books ought not to read as if they were written by middle graders. And whoever defamed/libeled Harry Potter by mentioning it in connection to this book has earned my deepest disgust.

Right Ho, Jeeves
This is by far the best so far in the Jeeves and Wooster saga. The way Aunt Dahlia talks to poor Bertie is epic. And that 18 mile bike-ride. And newts.

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