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I have my Classics Club list here, and I have a Goodreads list (although I often add as I read rather than fill in my to-read list completely) . . . but these stickers are just so fun (sparkly smiley faces), and I wanted to write out a list. I considered it after reading this post. I can be a paper list monster and have put a lot of them on the computer or away in a more organized manner, but I think this is a good list to have although if it was on my wall in might be better.

I have had this project in mind for a long time, perhaps a year or more. I printed off “22 Things Happy People Do Differently” from a linked post on Pinterest with the plan to make a little booklet with Bible verses pertaining to each point underneath the points. The paper and various cardboard pieces stayed in my room for months. A couple months ago I carefully wrote out the points and some verses. I want to draw flowers with appropriate meanings. We had a few books that contained flower meanings and then I got a book from the library, and I probably need to just pick a flower for each instead of trying to find the perfect one, but maybe I will get another book to find more meanings. All this mess plus verses, I think, are on the scrap paper.

I might have already posted a photo of the front of my Fall scrap-journal, but here is another.

These are all the books that I have read this fall. I think this journal will span several Autumns. Btw, I know the British say Autumn, and there are kind of snobby mocking pins (regarding U.S. usage of “Fall”) about it on Pinterest. Some say it is French, but the root of any Romance languare word is Latin and here is the profound Latin definition of “autumnus” from Whitaker’s Words. My Latin dictionary desktop dictionary did not have anything better. I find Anglophilia just a bit annoying . . . and ludicrous. Number one reason being, most of the people obsessed with the British have major British roots. Trust me, I have more reasons.

I filled out several pages of quotes from the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries; he is sooo quotable as are the books general.

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