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Christmas Cookie Exchange

Mom and quite a few other ladies have done a Christmas cookie exchange for the past two or so (?) years (I think this may be the third year?). This year I decided to participate. Mom and I both baked enough to keep batches of our own cookies, so I have 14 total bags of around 6 cookies each.

I have tried a few pieces from Mom’s basket, but I have not broken into mine yet. Do not worry I will share . . . at least the ones I do not like as much, 🙂 I have seen fruit cake cookies, gingerbread, chocolate chip, maybe butterscotch, mine are thin cinnamon cookies, and Mom’s are sugar/shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with peppermint bits. There are some bar-like cookies which my sister described as being chocolate and butter, “hot chocolate” cookies (chocolate with a marshmallow covered in chocolate on top), and several types of ball cookies. Technically we were supposed to bring recipes, but very few did, and hopefully Mom got them, so I can copy hers if I want although I may have to ask people for their recipes if I really like their cookies.

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