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I am joining in the Yarn Along again.

Yeah, that is the same yarn from last time. I pulled out that project soon after I posted. I still would like to master that pattern, but I need to just follow the directions first before I decide to modify.  I also should probably make it for a baby closer to summer or spring. Anyway, I am making a headband/ear-warmer with the Saxon braid/cable pattern. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Did I post David Copperfield the last time? I was still technically reading it then (I have technically been reading it for over a year). I think it may have been The Secret Garden which I have finished. I have really started to enjoy David Copperfield. That usually happens with long Dickens novels for me recently.

I have finished several more knitting projects since the last time. I forgot to take photos of two of them. A matching (same yarn as above except in peachy pink) ear-warmer/head band, knit double stranded with the aran braid cable as the main design and twisted cowl (I like the look of cowls better if I twist the cast on stitches once before I join) knit single stranded in garter stitch chevron.

Plus these three

We got started on an ear-warmer/headband craze last winter after watching the Hallmark movie “Let it Snow” last year. I loved the headband/ear-warmer that Stephanie wears when Brady first takes her skiing (here). Mom and my younger sister knitted a bunch of headbands last year (most if not all with simple braid cable), but only this year did I attempt any. The first one I tried was that pink one from  my last knitting post (I was not going for exactly like the movie). This one I made as a gift. I started it before the pink cable one, but I took this one out several times. I think I would like to make one for myself a bit more like the one from the movie. I did not use a pattern (I found one for sale, but it is fairly simple to figure out and not really that original a concept, so I did not consider it worth the buy).

 I used this pattern from Ravelry, but used seed/moss stitch instead. 
I used this pattern from Ravelry, and I would definitely modify it if I used again (not enough shaping within the pattern; I pushed and pulled them into that shape, and they are not likely to stay that way).
And I still have worked intermittently on a scarf/kerchief. I want to start a sweater, but I am waiting for a boatload of  knitting books from the library to help me fit it properly.

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