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We have had some yearly shopping trips for the ladies of Mom’s big Southern family and after the last one my mom’s aunt (who is actually around Mom’s age) told us about an AWESOME style site:

I love the original Color Me Beautiful and the original make-up book. That first book and TLC’s What Not to Wear first helped me understand style (note, I said understand; sometimes I almost have it, occasionally I will have everything together, and frequently something is wrong, and sometimes I am still in awkward style-less home-schooler land :P). Other sources such as Pinterest, fashion blogs and Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad helped me as well.

I still love all of these sources of course, but Inside Out Style Blog compiles and expands on everything. More body shapes are given (much more realistic than grouping everyone into four or five categories), and I think the stylist herself considers herself a mix of two. I also really appreciate the extra help for certain body areas, for example what to do for disproportionately long or short legs.

She has hairstyles for face shapes. Which I recently used to help me decide to get fairly heavy bangs, and chop off another eight-ish inches from my hair (I chopped eight off from my almost waist-length hair in May). Earrings style for face shapes. Accessory guides (I have a long waist, so to break it up I should wear wide belts in a contrasting or noticeable color).

She also has color guides, but besides finding your color she assists in putting them together. I LOVED this. Contrasting or monochromatic or triadic (I do not know exactly what the term used is). Making sure the colors match in intensity (something I did not think about, “Oh, now I know why certain outfits do not work).

I received one Thred Up order (during a major sale) and then promptly ordered another batch of clothes. I also picked up some $1 things at Clothes Mentor a couple weeks ago, most of which need to be altered or used as fabric. I also ordered three of these sweaters from Chadwicks (the square neck is a good style for my sloping shoulders); I now have five and if they continue to put out new colors I will buy more as I find more colors that suit me. My fall/winter style is already much better than last year, but the shoe and scarf category is still majorly lacking, and I need a grey coat. I think I may make some scarves from some of my thrifted items.

To top off this fashion post; I just got my second job, a job at one of our local Clothes Mentor stores!

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