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Again, a required read for class. My professor pointed out that Iago was the most interesting and developed character and this notification and the fact that we watched clips of the film version in which Kenneth Branagh plays Iago, caused me to really think that he alone was a interesting character. Okay not quite, Cassio caught my interest and someone very interesting played him in his younger days; I hope there is a video recording available somehow. Cassio at first appears a good character, but I think that he was rake. (What was the whole point of the mistress scene? He is immoral and cruel). Othello and Desdemona are flat and boring (as the professor taught us to see), and Iago, Cassio, and even Desdemona’s thwarted suitor and father seem to have more interest. Of course what I saw of the movie aided/formed those impressions.

Rather heavy sexual crudity.

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  • cleopatra

    I'm so glad to find your blog through the Classics Club! I agree about the sexual excess in these plays. I try to remember that people of those times probably wouldn't have batted an eye, but it doesn't always help. :-Z

    I'm reading Othello now for a Shakespeare course. I kind of thought Desdemona's goodness was simply there to highlight Othello's decent into jealousy and make it more shocking. However Othello was quite a complex character …….. Shakespeare leaves so many possibilities as to his behaviour. It's too bad that you had a professor who emphasized that characters were flat and boring. I always like or dislike characters, but it's a good professor who can communicate their worth. Shakespeare's plays are so short, yet so complex, there is rarely a main character who doesn't add some value to the play.

    This play certainly wasn't a favourite of mine, but I have enjoyed is on a less enthusiast scale. I thought I'd like Shakespeare's comedies best, but I'm finding that his histories seem to be my favourites.

    In any case, I'm looking forward to reading more of your reviews!


    ~ Cleo ~

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