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The Amazing Spider Man 2

I love, love, love these movies. I wanted to see this film again in theaters after I watched it. I felt that plot-wise this film did not match the first film, but as before the characters were awesome. The characters were personable, believable, sweet/interesting, and compelling. The bad guy in this one was nutzo and not the best villain, but still his very craziness was very well-played and focused on, we saw a plot line of him besides the ones for Peter and Harry (notice that I do not include Harry as a bad guy :P).

My sister pointed out that these Amazing Spider Man movies have less action than many superhero movies, this one more so than the first, but still less. That point is a great deal of what makes the films good, but it is not the whole explanation of the awesomeness of the films. A great part of the quality of these films is due the fact that the other scenes are just normal life with normal, (comparatively) average people. No billionaire-genius-playboys or angst-filled dramatic adults. Or gods. The films are filled with little interactions between Peter and his aunt, Peter and his friends/acquaintances, and Peter and Gwen. The film has drama and action, friends and family, romance, and humor. The humor is cute and dorky but not overdone, goofy, and really just not funny (I am looking at you embarrassing Avengers). I did think the action/drama part of the bad guy a bit overkill (missing some cleverness) and Harry’s story was too rushed.

My sister pointed out, when I said that Peter was not cocky, that he was cocky in his suit. Okay, give him a break, he was 18, and most of the time he was an angel. Oh, Peter, such sweetness overall. His treatment of his aunt, so sweet. I loved the chimney scene, and the scene when he is trying to hide his suit. He tried to do the right thing always even when he found it hard. And he did not do it primarily for the glory (he may have liked it a little, but he followed principles (like Robin Hood did thankyouverymuch horrible-Marian-in-the-beginning and anyone else who snipes at him). He tried to help his friend by bringing Spider Man, but Harry was too far gone to be appeased (btw, the film made it as if Harry had no one but Peter).

Gwen and Peter were SO, SO sweet. I love that they never really fight. I hate the low-down fights so many couples have or the ugly feminism-tinged competitiveness (they are only teasingly so), or the sassy/sexy talk. These two are just so just plain-good-old-fashioned sweet. My sister pointed out that Gwen tried to be mad at Peter but she could not manage to be so very long (and I love the scene when he is Spider Man, and she yells out “Peter!” and then claps her hand over her mouth). Thor and Jane are like that too, but their characters and romance are not as developed and not as quite as adorable since they are older.

First of all, Harry Osbourn is my husband, so hands off. Brilliant blue eyes, deep raspy voice, quirky style. Drama. Yes. So, so handsome. “That is Mr. Osbourn to you. We are not friends.” Be the man, show them you ARE their boss. Excellent. “Wait. I know the way out.” He has dignity. That expression on Harry’s face after Gwen leaves the elevator looks so vulnerable . . . but you can see a dangerous look lurking there too.”I don’t do complicated.” No, he sure does not. He asks for something and receives “No” as “No” completely and irrevocably.

Despite my overall love for the Amazing Spider Man films and Harry, I felt that Harry’s story rolled out waaaaay too fast. Yes, of course I just would have liked to see more of him because I am a silly fan girl, but I do feel that from a critical standpoint he really should have had more time in his story. I was under the impression that he was in all three of the first set of Spider Man films, so I thought this film portrayed his story really fast. We do not see Peter and Harry’s friendship enough to feel Harry’s sense of betrayal (yes, he is wrong, this I know) strongly (I felt it to be a bit of an overreaction because of the film’s speed). I feel like we should have seen the climax of his bitterness and fear and anger coming, but that it should have shown up in the next film.

Two young men with abandonment and loss. Peter actually faced more by the beginning of this film, but he is an angel while Harry is the troubled one. Peter does have his aunt and Gwen (at the beginning) even after losing so many people in his life while Harry only has his buddy it seems, but STILL. And Peter loses his love (and he feels that it is his fault) and his friend betrays him at the end, so his load is doubled at the end of this film. Even after that burden he does take up his role again after mourning. That is a hero. He is hurt, mocked, betrayed, but he still continues to perform his job.

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