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Weeks and weeks ago I won a giveaway on All Things Beautiful,and I received these pencils and pencil case from Moxie Makery on etsy. I do not usually pick bright colors for myself, but I like these and this design; they are so cheery.

Scribbling Project #1
I made this little blank book into my first quote book. I would eventually like to have a bigger and more organized one, but I like this for now.

 Of course, I messed up the very first page; I will need to find cream cover-up and then doodle a design over it.
Scribbling project #2
I finally bought a journal to begin scrap-journaling. I tore out a couple pages every few pages in order to allow for room for items I paste into the book. Here are some sample pages that do not show my journaling.
I will publish a post or two about our St. Louis trip fairly soon.
I tore this out of a book I was given. I have been writing down the books I have read this summer.
This is my Fourth of July page before I wrote on it with a silver gel pen.
Bookstore Haul
For the past several years at the end of the school year our family makes (or tries to make) a Coldstone Creamery and Half-Price Books trip. Here is my haul:
I wiped out the prodigiously large Gaelic section. The only items left were duplicates of the CD set. Yes, I know I have two dialects/languages which might not be at all the same; I can learn both.
Well, I have to start my collection somewhere, even the middle of the series.
Does this need an explanation?
The one on the left reminds me of a Scott O’Dell book. I feel that these journals are too beautiful to tear up for scrap-journaling. We will see if that lasts. Now they grace my shelves along with all my other beautiful and blank journals. Whatever. 
Scribbling Project #3
I have had this journal for a while, and when I re-read the Harry Potter series earlier this summer break, I decided to use it to scribble my thoughts about this series. Of course, I thought of it when I was several books into re-reading. I want to remember to use it every time I re-read and sometimes after I re-watch the movies too.
Total nerd notes.
I probably should do a Harry Potter week or two of posts like I plan to do for The Hunger Games.

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