Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge

Evie at A Period Drama Fangirl started a Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge. I do not know if she is still doing the challenge, but I am going to jump in waaay late anyway and post all the answers on what should be day 30. This challenge would be fun to do as a drawing challenge sometime too. Here are my answers:

1. The Goblet of Fire. This book jump starts the series from fun to epic, and I like all the layers (interpersonal relationships, school situation, Voldemort war). I like certain layers quite a bit in the other later books, but all of them either have something I do not like (the death of Sirius in The Order of the Phoenix and the Dumbledore story line in The Half-Blood Prince, for example), and/or do not quite seem quite as brilliantly smooth as The Goblet of Fire. And of course see answer #2 for another reason.

2. The film version of the above. This film was my first introduction to Harry Potter ever; I watched it and became hooked.

3. Well, Ron is quite unattractive (I know he was supposed to be plain, but plain can be handsome when one really likes the character/person), and many of the films make him look like a doof. The translation of his character from book to film was caricatured. The Half-Blood Prince film is the movie that seemed to differ most from its book, and it had major differences in the relationship part. The film portrayed Hermione as almost chasing Ron and Ron as absolutely uninterested which is patently different from the book. The “real” Ron was jealous because of Krum and just confused, so he messed things up and dated Lavender whom he did not truly like and of whom he tired speedily. I was also not happy with the last half of The Deathly Hallows movie; all the changes (such as Bellatrix and Voldemort erupting into pieces as opposed to falling down as bodies) made the film melodramatic which lessens the intensity of the story greatly. And the end would have been better if the film makers had actually aged Hermione and Ginny and given a nicer look to Ron. Oh, and back to the Ron in the first half of that film; he showed little emotion. People the “real” Ron was CRYING after the horrible spectre in the Horocrux, and he was SCREAMING constantly when Hermione was being tortured. He LOVED Hermione.

4. Lavender Brown. Um, Ron and Hermione forever people, okay?! Okay.

5. Harry, Ron, Fred and George, Draco, Sirius, James Sirius, oh, one? I am sorry, that is not possible.

6. Well, I am in Ravenclaw, but I would not mind Gryffindor.

7. Hermione (I am telling you, I am this book-main-character-loyalty-despite-everything type of person). In the book that is; she is rather annoying in the movie.

8. Charms or Transfiguration. I want to like Potions but given my attention in cooking and my failures in Pottermore, I doubt I would do well in this class, and when I don’t do well, I hate.

9. Crabbe and Goyle?

10. Horocruxes. I am sorry, but those WERE important to destroy, but I do not like the dismissive attitude of Hermione and Ron toward the Hallows.

11. Since The Deathly Hallows film hardly had Dean in it, I don’t even know for certain that this does exist (but I would hazard a guess it does): Dean and Luna. In the previous generation Lily and Snape. In the next generation Rose or Lily and Scorpius (Rose would be funny because Ron forbade it, but Lily would make it seem like Lily and Snape).

12. I am like Hermione sometimes (my siblings have also said Percy), but I am supposedly ISTP which  Harry is (also supposedly).

13. The Half-Blood Prince.

14. Really?

15. Only three. I refuse. Well, Fred-n-George, Ron, and Harry if that generation. All Harry’s kids in the next generation. Moony, Padfoot, and Prongs for the oldest generation.

16. McGonagall and Flitwick.

17. I had not even read the book when the first part came out, and I loved it (I am less satisfied now that I have read the book, see answer to #3), so I expected the second half to be good. I was wrong.

18. Really?

19. Cannot you tell? I am sorry but 99.99% of the time the only people who prefer films are the highly uncultured . . . well, I will stop, I am in Ravenclaw.

20. The Phelps twins or Tom Felton.

21. Sirius. Fred did not die, typo I maintain.

22. What sort of blasphemous insult is this?????!!!!!

23. Plenty . . . if I had a heart, maybe I should be in Slytherin.

24. Let us see, how about the one in herbology when Ron and Hermione have a moment and then the Ginny/Ron row which ruined everything. Oh, wait but that would mess up the Ron-is-a-clueless-oaf and Hermione-is-a-wishful-man-hunter theme.

25. Um, I want books about Harry’s kids, thanks. Still hoping.

26. The Animagus spell (I do not know what it officially is; I will have to look on Pottermore sometime).

27. The Cloak of Invisibility.

28. No, and the name and idea seems stupid.

29. Funny, but absolutely vile, and I do mean that in the good old-fashioned intense meaning. I could not make it through the second one.

30. Children’s classics and will reread forever and ever and answer, “After all this time?” with, “Always.”

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  • Evie Brandon

    I stopped doing the challenge because not many of my followers like harry potter 🙁 shame, I am glad you do and have completed it! 🙂

    Yes I agree! Ron is such a wonderful character! I know I really wanted to see them looking a bit older than what seamed their early 20's

    Ravenclaw Buddies! 😀 woooooooo!

    sniffle Always! raises wand which was purchased at the Harry Potter Exhibition we are a fandom and we are united!

    Thanks ever so much for doing it! I really enjoyed it 🙂

    ~ Evie

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