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Catching Fire Film Mini-Review

I enjoyed this movie much better than The Hunger Games movie. I am not sure that this film is actually better; it may have just been that I am not as critical of the story as I was when the first film was in theaters and this story is just more interesting. Oh, yeah and the teeny-tiny fact that Peeta is in this film far more than the first film  . . . and he was handsomer, much handsomer, and his voice was deeper. In the first movie the filmmakers cut out much of his role and changed what he had; in the Ron Weasley change way; i.e. to make him look less noble, less lovable.

Gale is gorgeous, and Peeta is just cute, but I like Peeta’s character better. His character is too complex to be portrayed in the move right, and Katniss is too evil to be shown in the movie, you do not read her mind like in the book, and the filmmakers soften what they can, so that probably helped. And like my sister said, even though we do not like Katniss we want her with Peeta because Peeta wants it. And that main-book-character-loyalty complex. That poor darling boy.

The wardrobe completely disappointed me in the first one (too many flames, and ignoring the books descriptions I think?), but in with a lot of silly outfits in this film came the brilliant Mockingjay dress transformation. I also think that is the first time I understood why Cinna got in trouble so soon or it reminded me.

The real Finnick did not make an appearance (my initial reaction). Finnick does not look like a sweet faced soap opera boy. Actually, many of the actors in these films seemed to come from pathetic T.V. quality acting pool of looks and talent.

And finally a real Kiss. So sweet, how I love Peeta. The filmmakers totally botched the romantic stuff in the first movie, and they botched the ending of the first movie also. Oh, how I need to carefully plan out a Hunger Games week or two of posts. I think November around the time when the first installment of Mockingjay shows in theaters would be a good time.

I love that Katniss goes berserk when she finds out that they let (yes, they let) the Capitol take Peeta. Oh, Haymitch you evil, awesome character; he is better in this film too. And Finnick (okay, maybe the film Finnick is not so bad, but Finnick was amazing in the book) is like I-told-you-so in a way empathetic to Katniss’s reaction as if he totally thinks she is justified. And then Gale comes and then it is like, oh right, let us all forget Peeta. Grrrr. I am just going to love Mockingjay. Right. Love to hate.

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