To Kill a Mockingbird

Again, I was surprised. I guess I shouldn’t be now. Apparently I am ready to like more classics than I was previously. I greatly enjoyed this book. I guess I assumed the trial took up more of the book and that might have been part of my reason for not wanting to read it, but it didn’t take up very much of the book. It was a book of childhood. I loved it. Nothing seemed too forced about the “social issue,” and this issue didn’t dominate the story. I am afraid that people make too much of the book, and I am not sure I like every stance in there, especially not the end line. I don’t like the “we know now” and they were “ahead of their times” which attitudes imply that our times have improved; they haven’t, the wrongs are just different.*

“Jem” with an “e.” I like this much better than the horrid “Jim” especially because of the other “Jem” with an “e” like his mother “Anne” with an “e.” All of my children are going to have names based on books and the boys names are going to come from several characters of the same name. The end.

I am sorry this is so short; I really need to scribble out my thoughts during or just after reading or I often don’t have much to say.


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