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Random, Button Down Top Challenge

I am reading Under the Lilacs. What homespun, home grown strawberry sweetness. I loved the part about the imperturbable one; it reminded me of Demi in his marplot (what a delightful word) stage. I decided I want a “Demi” (maybe I could make it short for Daniel?), yes I know my son would want to kill me for it later. I also want a “Tommy” since they seem so scrumptiously mischievous.

I want to participate in the Button Down Top Challenge. Button downs that are silk and preferably ruffly I wear on Sunday’s, but I don’t like regular ones much. I have bought some from thrift stores to alter, so if I finish two alteration projects today I can participate 😛

Hours later: I finished the top enough to wear, and I can do the other alteration project tomorrow or Friday. Now I have to be able to take photos.

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