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Button Down Challenge Day 3

I was reading the post of one of the other ladies participating in the challenge, and she mentioned calling the tops button-ups. I thought, “Oh, I have been titling all my posts that; is the challenge really button-down?Yikes!” Then I looked at my posts; I had typed button-downs for both even though I usually call them button-ups too, I think.

I usually wear my tops tucked in (even sweaters often), but I thought leaving the blouse out and belting it would work better both because it is new to me and because the bunching if I tucked it in would bother me today. Oh, and I made the skirt a couple years ago. It is about 3 times my waist and knife-pleated and then attached to a very poorly made waistband (I wear belts over it at least sometimes). I like all the colors I can pick up from the pattern, and the skirt also goes with other colors not in the pattern.

I decided that this is my Beauty and the Beast necklace! I got it at a antique/thrift modge podge sort of store for $1 (!!!)

No more alterations for this outfit, but I finished altering two of my hand-me-down skirts for my sister, sewed on a new skirt for myself, and worked a bit on another alteration for myself.
I finished Under the Lilacs. I forgot to mention a couple other random thoughts on Wednesday. The Dickens allusion that I recognized on like page 4 made me quite happy. Yay! “I get that reference!” I thought the name “Thorny” semi-interesting . . . and then after I few pages I read his full time of “Thornton.” Yes, I love it! Oh, and then later on in the story Miss Celia reads from Maria Edgeworth to the children. I love literary references in literature!


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